Soil Foundation

Soil is the foundation of terrestrial life. The Natural Farmer builds life in the soil to provide natural and perpetual nutrition, just like what happens in Nature. With a proper Soil Foundation fertilizers based on macro- and micro-elements are not needed. Instead, nutritive formulas are used to direct and maximize growth to full expression of health and taste

Indigenous Microbes

Most life in the soil is microscopic. The soil is a hidden, interconnected world of incredible life. The Natural Farmer inoculates their growing systems with a dynamically balanced and diverse ecosystem of microbes. This includes organisms from every kingdom of live. This powerful living ecosystem powers growing systems to their full biological potentials

Nutritive Cycle

Giving the right inputs at the right time maximizes yield and quality and minimizes pests and disease. The Natural Farmer weekly adds a small amount of nutrients, bio-available and edible formulas, that encourage current life cycle of plant or animal. This can help fruit set or ripen or even keep a plant, such as lettuce, from bolting to seed, keeping in growing leaf as long as possible.