Make your own FREE TO LOW-COST fertilizers, feed, pesticides and herbicides from local stuff. Everything is edible!

FFJ Noni Fermented Fruit Juice
  • IMO Indigenous Micro Organisms, a LOCAL complete & balanced soil culture
  • OHN Oriental Herbal Nutrient, Master Cho’s tonic recipe
  • FPJ Fermented Plant Juice, Wild fermentation of plants
  • FFJ Fermented Fruit Juice, Wild fermentation of fruits
  • LAB Lactic Acid Bacterial Culture, a culture of lactic acid bacteria
  • FAA Fermented Amino Acids, nitrogen-rich source of energy
  • BRV/BV Brown Rice Vinegar/Bio-Vinegar, an ionic buffer solution
  • SW/FSW Sea Water/Fermented Sea Water
  • WCa Water-soluble Calcium, made from eggshells
  • WCaP Water-Soluable Calcium Phosphate, made from bones