What is Natural Farming? If you look at a forest, for example, everything is growing perfectly. No one fertilized. No one tilled the soil. No one pruned or sprayed pesticides. Yet everything grows in balanced abundance. Modern agriculture is so far removed from nature that we spend a lot of time fighting nature instead of working with it. If we let nature do most of the work we get more with less effort, less inputs, and that means less cost.

The secret is mimicking nature.

Several agricultural methods can be called Natural Farming. We have the one straw revolution, which gave rise to permaculture, now practiced world-wide and very popular here in Hawaii.

Further studies into microbes, enzymes, and the nutritive cycle led a Korean man, Master Cho, to develop a system that is used in over 37 countries and took over 30 years to develop. That system is called Korean Natural Farming and this method is the focus here.